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How it all began ... 

Momo Heiss

storyteller, musician and founder of Storybox Munich
Project manager of "Cultural Awareness and Storytelling".

"The idea for the project "Cultural Awareness and Storytelling" was born out of a personal and artist's question and evolved at a huge pace and from one momentum to the next. After an exciting, work-filled and successful crowdfunding, we were happy about the overwhelming support of the storytellers from the German-speaking countries! Thank you so much! We collectively hoped for government funding as a result of the Crowdfunding. But what a pity! Unexpectedly, we were unable to even apply for funding for formal reasons.

As a result, I built up this website and crafted the first three interviews and Community Calls on a voluntary basis.
The budget of the crowdfunding could cover payments for the fees, my team members and all international partners. The project's last open funds enabled me to travel for international networking. All und all 2023 was an incredible and intensiv year of work and growth.

And maybe you can imagine how happy I am about the growing team!

Thank you Ursula Stroux for accompanying the project in the beginning. It is to your input and your mission that makes all of this happened at all! So wonderful ,Viktoria Behem, you joined in to craft the Community Calls and Interviews together with me, it is a joy working with you!  Rkia Ardaoui, thank you for following the
open call for translation and translating this website into Arabic! What a task!  Julian Ospina, you joined in just at the right time to do the Spanish subtitles. But than you began supporting in so many ways, setting up and thriving in social media, so we are taking even bigger steps now! Thank you for your great energy for the project!

2024 we want to get into social media to make this project to be a real community project after all. We hope to inspire and reach a lot of storytellers, storylovers and  storytelling institutions worldwide and find people from all over the world, who want to support with joy, so we can go on long term.

Our hearts beat for 
Cultural Awareness and Storytelling!

Momo Heiss

storyteller and musician

The tasks in the project:
project management, organizing and taking interviews, website, emails, administration, fundraising as well as organizing the workshops and community calls.

After my lateral entry into the world of storytelling as a musician many questions evolved about cultural awareness, which finally led to this project. I am looking forward to the exchange and all the encounters!

Ursula Stroux

Ursula Stroux, Cultural Studies (M.A.), language trainings, life coaching in nature.

Story lover, writer and traveller.

The tasks within the project

Co-founder and door opener to the broad field of cultural studies.
Blog article: On my role in the start-up phase and now (English below)

Viktoria Behem

Advisor for culture of connection and connection-enhancing social design, nature culture educator, landscape ecologist, grief process facilitator and advisor for nature-connected ritual work.

The tasks within the project:
As cultural mindfulness and decolonisation as well as vivid oral storytelling culture are very close to my heart, I am very happy to moderate the Community Calls and to create a fertile space for encounter within them.

Rkia Ardaoui  

Morrocan student, Arabic translator and big fan of storytelling.

The tasks within the project
Rkia Ardaoui  is taking the website into the Ararbic language and helping with the subtitles of the interviews. With Rkia Ardaouis help, the project takes the first step to get multilingual. 

Julian Ospina

A dedicated programmer who helps businesses and organizations grow through algorithms and branding strategies. Passionate about traveling and making a positive impact in society.

The tasks within the projectR
I'm bridging linguistic gaps by translating the website into Spanish and adding subtitles to videos. My goal is to blend technology with storytelling, creating digital experiences that resonate with diverse audiences, especially the younger generation.

Would you like to join us?

Is it you we are looking for? 

We want to make the website accessible in several languages!
Therefore, we are currently looking for native speakers to help us translate this website into their mother tongue. The concrete task is to translate all texts on this website with the help of Deepl or Google Translator and take them into a good reading stile. In addition to your mother tongue, you need good English (or German) skills and, of course, passion for the project! 

The same support is needed for the videos of the interviews. We need help to improve the subtitles, which are created by an app in your native language and can be easily edited in the app.

We would be very happy if you get in touch! 


Naturally, the Storybox offers you payment for your work, since the Non-profit organization Storybox is founded for paying artists appropriately!

If you want to support the project by volunteering instead of donating, 
you are also welcome to contact us.

Send us an email if you want to join in the team with your expertise. 

Support the Storybox

In order to be able to pay for interview partners, subtitles, coherent translations, research, advice, maintenance of the website, Zoom, apps, fees, workshop leaders, media relations and team members, we invite you to join into the supporting community.