Storybox München gUG is launching this website 
for cross-cultural and multilingual projects related to storytelling. 

Step into Storybox World :) 

Cultural Awareness and Storytelling 

We want to nurture the  heartfelt connection between storytellers from all over the world.  Our aim is to provide storytellers and storylovers with interviews, workshops and community calls to deepen our understanding of cultural awareness and storytelling. 


For our interviews we are looking forward to international storytellers, storytellers with indigenous backgrounds as well as experts on cultural awareness, decolonialism, story collections, cultural science and related topics.
Come in and get inspired by the interviews.

Community Calls 

We open our Calls for four times a year to storytellers and storylovers from around the world. We take time to get to know each other in the calls and  we will share our next steps, insights and reflections. With your feedback and ideas you are corcreating the project "Cultural Awareness and Storytelling" through the Community Calls.


Our workshops for storytellers start in April and May 2024. We are looking forward to hosting international guests. 

Join in and take part! 

About us 

Get to know the team of Storybox World and learn about the beginning of this project in Autumn of 2022. 

It all started with a post on Facebook ... 


We are providing a list of links to international storytelling festivals,  talks and blogs related to topics around "Cultural Awareness and Storytelling" and story research.

If you have ideas for the list, please reach out to us!

All of this can only happen through the community of storytellers ans storylovers. 

Thank you so much! 

We are very happy if you want to become part of the supporting community.