Online Workshops 2024

Cultural Awareness and Storytelling 

Do you tell stories privately or professionally?
Then you will probably like these workshops!

Every workshop slot will focus on different topics, based on the research and interviews in 2023 and 2024. You will be able to meet international experts and work on different topics related to cultural awareness and storytelling. The main course language is English.

Each session will host a different international expert.
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April 9th 2024
6pm UTC

The Cultural Other 

Ursula Stroux

April 16th 2024 6pm UTC

Two hours of self-reflection on cultural identity, its construction and reconstruction in respect to the cultural „Other“. How do they meet, interplay, collide or merge?

We have a look at basic principles of cultural encounter.

After the workshop, you’ll be able to identify some approaches of encountering and working with the „Other“ and also underlying narratives on cultural identity.

If there is time, we may also reflect on the „Otherworld“ as an imaginary concept of the „Other“.

This is a workshop, not a lecture – practical and hands on 😊. After a short introduction, you’ll work in groups and we’ll put together our results, before we go to the next topic.


Ursula Stroux, M.A. Cultural Studies, co-founder of this project, living and working in intercultural areas for over thirty years (international exchange, tourism, language courses) invites you to do some enlightening groundwork together.

Explore Cultural Awareness 

Hears Crow
April 23th 2024 6pm UTC

Join us for an immersive journey into Cultural Awareness, exploring the connection to storytelling, influence on relationships, and strategies for increasing our personal awareness. Through engaging group discussions, breakout sessions, and real-world experiences, we will delve into the diverse facets of cultural awareness, assess our current positions on the cultural spectrum, and chart pathways for enhancing future relationships.

This workshop is presented by Hears Crow, a storyteller and teacher for almost forty years. She is also an educator and coach, in addition to leading workshops focused on becoming more culturally aware.

More to come

Mai 2th 2024
6pm UTC

More to come 

Mai 9th 2024 
6pm UTC


Let's get interactive! 

Wangari Grace
Mai 16th 2024
6pm UTC

Let’s get Interactive!
This workshop will explore different ways in which a storyteller can engage the audience as part of the performance. Whether in the use of songs, movement, chants, Q&A, call and response, the participants learn how to weave interactivity seamlessly into a storytelling performance.

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